Reconnecting to yourself, each other & nature, through movement

Our Approach

As a personal training business, Tothum’s aim is to empower people to live healthier lives through movement.

We challenge the idea that fancy gym equipment is what we need to become happy, strong & healthy, and in doing so offer people a great alternative to the sometimes unappealing typical gym environment. We choose for more functional bodyweight exercises that help you master your own body’s weight, so that you can move safely in more ways, and enjoy life more.

Whenever the weather allows, we combine the benefits of being outdoors with the enjoyment of moving more.

By engaging in the process of being healthy, we feel alive. We have more energy we can invest in the activities and people that matter most to us. As a result, we flourish as human beings.


We offer a couple of different services, each focusing on and highlighting different aspects of our moving experience. When choosing to work together, the first thing we do is have a conversation to understand your goals, needs, and preferences. Depending on those, we can chart the most suitable course for our long term success.

We know change is the only constant, which is why we believe it’s important to be flexible in our approach. What we do will change and develop as we learn and grow by working together. What remains constant is our aim to do what helps you best.

Where to find us

We’re currently active in Brussels, Halle or Sint-Pieters-Leeuw. Sessions can take place both inside or outdoors, in the gym or in a park/forest nearby.

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