About Tothum

Purpose &Vision

Tothum is born out of the idea that, in a way, we forgot about some of the things that make us human. Things that we need to be happy, healthy and fulfilled with out lives. Things like movement, being outside, connecting with people, relaxing, being challenged, staying playful and maintaining our curiosity.

We are part of nature, but so often we’re not one with nature anymore.

We became a real “indoor generation”, spending most of our time sitting behind flashy screens doing all we can to keep up with society’s rhythm to become “faster stronger better” every day in every way. It’s really exhausting, and we’re suffering the consequences from that!

Tothum is our effort to remind us of the things we forgot, and to bring those back into our lives.

Instead of moving in a man-made (fancy word for fake) indoor environment, let us use the time we’ll spend moving outdoors where we can be in nature, breathe fresh air, hear birds sing and feel the sun warm our skin.

Instead of focusing on building muscle to look good, let us engage in the process of becoming healthy and developing more movement capacities so that we can participate in more activities, enjoy life more, and look good as a result of that.

Let’s use movement to remind us of the things we forgot. And more than that, let’s use movement as an opportunity for change.

Because in helping you get more out of your life, all of our lives become better too.