Personal Training

Our most intimate way of working together.

Our Approach

We start our journey together with an in depth look at the big picture. That means we will talk about your current situation, your goals and possible obstacles to achieving them. We go through your health & injury history, as well as take you through a thorough movement assessment. All of this will give us a clear picture of where you are right now, and, more importantly, it will help us determine if we are the right kind of coach for you.

In choosing to work together, we become a team. That means we communicate and interact a lot. We ask each other questions and share feedback. We both actively participate in the process so that we can help you best. We both challenge & support you as we are looking for ways to help you reach your goals.

A session typically lasts 60 minutes, but this is not a rule we must abide by. We are flexible in our approach so we can adapt to what suits you best.

We ask 65€ per session.

Depending on your wants and needs, our work together will contain many ‘movement variations’. Just like eating different nuts, seeds and vegetables provides us with the nutrients we need to be healthy, so does moving in new and varied ways help us maintain a body capable of dealing with life’s demands.

That’s why we work with basic strength & gymnastics training (like squats, push-ups, muscle-ups), locomotion patterns (like crawling), movement flows (like acrobatics), skill work (like handstand), body awareness, rhythm and coordination (like fighting monkey practice) & mobility work.

Overall, the intention is to increase your health and wellbeing. The result of our approach can, amongst other things, be noticeable by you being able to generate force and tolerate load in more positions. We’ll help you master your own body’s weight, so that you can move safely in more ways and be more mindful of the way you move. Your body control will improve. You might start to enjoy other (physical) activities more, and thus spend more time with the people that matter doing things you enjoy.

What follows are testimonials of some of the people we’ve worked with so far. Feel free to check them out or get started with a free intake session.